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Silai School

Usha International Limited New Delhi is implementing Silai School Project in 10 districts of Tamilnadu viz, Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, Dindigul, Karur, Namakkal, Nilgris, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri and Trichy in partnership with NMCT. The project aims at empowering the women & young girls in tailoring and allied activities to develop them as independent entrepreneurs to improve their social economic status. At the first phase Usha International Limited provide intensive training to 15 selected women & girls in each district, free of cost in tailoring, embroidery and garment making. The intensive training capacitated them on working with Sewing machines and servicing them.

The women & girls after intensive training become individual tailors and consequently small entrepreneurs by engaging 5 or 6 tailors work under them as a unit. They undertake job works for hotels, hosiery industries and earn a considerable income.

Besides, they become trainers in their own village and areas train the other women & girls in tailoring under the concept “Satellite Silai School”. The Satellite Silai Schools are guided by Usha trainers and trained by Silai School teachers. Usha International Limited provide them certificates to the trainees after successful completion of the training, which helps them in getting employment opportunities in Hosiery industries and also getting financial assistance from the banks to start their own entrepreneurship units.

There are at present 150 Silai schools and 300 Satellite schools empowering over 1000 women & adolescent girls in tailoring, embroidery and garment making. Silai school tailors earn an average income of Rs.7, 000/- to Rs.10, 000/- per month

It has also organized the Classical Men’s Silai School as a Pilot Project in Coimbatore in partnership with NMCT. Training for 10 Men have been imparted in tailoring, dress making and servicing of sewing machines for a week at NMCT Head Office. After completion of satisfactory training each of the trainees have been provided with a sewing machine free of cost.

Case Studies

Mrs. Parvathi, a habitat of Kavundampalayam is a member of the Tamarai Self Help Group. Her husband is owning a small transport vehicle for moment of vegetables, fruits etc. Due to prevailing competitions among the transporters he could not rent out his vehicle regularly. He rarely gets an income on the entire family depends on his income for family expenses and also for the education expenses for their daughter who is studying in 11th standard and son studying in 4th standard.
With the intervention of Vimuktha Federation Mrs. Parvathi has been trained in tailoring and dress making by Usha Silai School and owns a Usha Tailoring Machine too. For the future of the family and for educating her wards, she has been working hard with the Usha Sewing Machine. She stitches blouses, chudithars and undertake job works for school children. Hard work pays for Mrs. Parvathi and she is happy that she is earning Rs. 7500/- per month after all expenses through tailoring.
Now Mrs. Parvathi feels comfortable and convenient in meeting the family expenses and also the education expenses of her wards. She is also a trainer for the Satellite Silai School through which she teaches for other women and girls in her area.T