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NABARD - Integrated Livelihood Development for Tribes

NMCT, in partnership with National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD) implement the major project on “Integrated Sustainable Livelihood Development for Tribes”. The project is implemented in 18 villages of Karamadai block

Under the Livelihood programs Horticulture plantation and Maintenance, Soil Conservation, Water Resources & Development, Animal Husbandry and Micro Enterprises activities are undertaken with the financial assistance from NABARD, Chennai. Besides, Livelihood Development Programs other interventions such as Training & Capacity Building, Women Development and Women & Child Health are also taken up simultaneously
250 families are supported for Horticulture Plantation such as establishment of Orchard with Mango, Amla and Sapota fruits. Besides, providing planting materials, the beneficiaries are also supported for fertilizers and manures, plant protection chemicals, fencing, irrigation and labor expenses
Under the Soil Conservation Activities the project takes up the interventions of Soil Bunds, Bolder Bunds, Staggered Bunds, and Gully Plug etc. Water Resources Development interventions include well deepening, repairing of existing bore wells and putting up of new bore wells and construction of water harvesting structures.
Under the Non-wadi activities, beneficiaries are supported for animal husbandry such as Sheep rearing, Calf rearing, bullocks & agriculture implements, purchase of milch animals and poultry. Micro enterprises support for landless tribes are provided for Carpentry/Construction work, Bee Keeping, mini broilers ,Vermicompost, Tailoring Units and petty shops.
Women Development Program takes care of the orientation training on entrepreneurial development activities, awareness on government schemes, kitchen garden and village herbal garden. Awareness on reproductive child health and health camps are also part of the interventions.
Under the people institution building, participants groups and village planning committee are formed and strengthened. Beneficiaries are taken to exposure visits to other NGOs undertaking tribal development projects for more learning. Various training programs and technical sessions on Horticulture, soil & water conservation, livestock management, trainings on Bee keeping, organic farming, and processing units are conducted periodically.

S.No Villages Total Acres
01 Gopanari 34
02 Alangandi 21
03 Alangandi Pudhur 18
04 Colonypudhur 28
05 Kuliyur 17
06 Melbavi 07
07 Kaliyur 13
08 Sundakorai 10
09 Neelampathi 21
10 Ookapatti 24
11 Mottiyur 28
12 Seenkuzhi 29

Total 250
S.No Activity Total
01 Sheep Rearing 125
02 Calf Rearing 120
03 Milch Animals 72
04 Bullocks 27
05 Poultry 45
06 Petty Shop 17
07 Carpentry 8
08 Tailoring 2
09 Kitchen Garden 165
10 Herbal Garden 11
11 Vermicompost 23
12 Eco-sen Toilets 20
13 Honey Extracting 115
Total 750

Formation of Farmers Club:

Farmers Clubs ( Uzhavar Mandram ) have been formed in 14 villages. Members of these clubs are trained by the department of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry & Forestry. Meetings and discussions are held at the Clubs as regards the protection of plants, irrigation facilities, Care for Animal Husbandry, Purchase of Seeds and Fodder at subsidised rates. Application of inputs such as mannure, fertilizers, pesticides. NABARD is providing financial assistance for formation of clubs, maintenance, conducting meeting and trainings