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NMCT extends its Care and Support activities to PLHIV in Tirupur District from 01.06.2019 under new Project, “LIFE – Promotion of Stigma and discrimination free life with sustainable access to antiretroviral therapy for PLHIV / CLHIV”

The project targets to 1000 Adults PLHIV, 750 Families affected by HIV / AIDS, and 750 children infected / affected children. This project will also take care of Key Population namely Migrant Workers, Female Sex Workers, Male Sex Workers and Transgenders.

The main objective of the project is to provide Better quality of life through participation, access to prevention, treatment and care, as well as educational offer for 1,000 PLHIV, 750 CLHIV / CAA and 750 family members from all 13 blocks in Tirupur

The project aims at

Self-help structures for PLHIV at the micro- and meso level are established, strengthened and functional and advocate for the interests of PLHIV / CLHIV / CAA; advocacy is carried out at all three levels of intervention
Access to prevention, treatment and care for 1,000 PLHIV has improved
Access to non-discriminatory (non) formal education for 300 PLHIV and 750 CLHIV / CAA is secured