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TI Migrants - Targeted Interventions Among Migrants

Thousands of industrial textile workers, construction & contract workers migrate from various states & districts to Tirupur & Coimbatore district seeking employment in Hosiery industries, textiles, Bricklins and construction companies. Lack of awareness among the migrant workers on Preventive Strategies and Health Care, owing to their living situations is at high risk and become vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.

Stigma among the people living with HIV/AIDS is an important factor influencing the non-disclosure of diseases as well as availing the treatment services, not receiving periodical ART treatments and adherence to treatment services due to self-stigma adds to the widespread presence of HIV/AIDS among migrant workers.

With the objective of reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, the targeted interventions Projects at Coimbatore and Tirupur are implemented under the guidance of NACO (National AIDS Control Organization), with the Technical and Financial support from TANSACS (Tamilnadu State AIDS Control Society).


The project staff regularly visits industries that employ more number of migrants and conduct awareness programs on prevention of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections STI. The awareness programs enable the project to identify High Risk Migrants, followed by counseling. HIV and STI camps involving exhibitions, street theatre, and congregation events are conducted at the industrial sites.

The HIV infection is also tested with the support of District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit (DAPCU). The migrants identified as HIV positive are referred to Government hospitals for ART treatment and followed up for regular treatment services.

Social Marketing of Condoms is facilitated at the outlets nearby the industries. 4 Drop in Centre have also been established at Coimbatore and Tirupur exclusively for counseling and Hotspot meetings.

Achievements of TI- Coimbatore & Tirupur

S.No Indicators Coimbatore Tirupur
01 HRG registration 10643 10243
02 No. of counseling 1992 1042
03 No. of group meeting 1823 1822
04 STI Tested 5313 4523
05 Regular Follow up 10581 5892
06 Social Marketing Condom 9701 3449
07 HIV Test 3794 3184
08 Advocacy meeting 24 26
08 Advocacy meeting 24 26
09 Street Theater 24 26
10 Congregation event 08 09
11 Demand Generation Activity 24 24
12 Exhibition 36 48