NMCT - News and Events

Alumni Meet of Vimuktha Bridge Course Centres and Abhaya Former Children

On 24.12.2017 the Alumni Children of Vimuktha Bridge Course Centres and Abhaya Former Children was held at NMCT Head Office. 15 Children from Vimuktha Bridge Course Centres and 8 Children discharged from Abhaya Students Shelter participated in the Alumni meet. They expressed their happiness after meeting each other after a couple of years. Everyone shared their present status and thanked NMCT for its support to their developments.

The Advisory Committee members, Trustees, the members of various Lions Clubs, Team Members and Teachers of Vimuktha Bridge Course Centres and other stake holders who were present at the Alumni Meet expressed their support to these Alumni members.

Inauguration of Shubh Aarambh Project Phase II

The Project roll out & launch was held in Hotel Park Plazza, Coimbatore on 16/02/2018. The officials from Education, SSA, Health, DAPCU, RMSA, Networking NGOs & Networking Hospitals were attended the meeting. Mrs. Geetha District Education Officer, Coimbatore inaugurated the program in the presence of Mr. R.Sudhir, Assistant Manager, Save The Children, Mr. A.S. Sankaranarayanan, Managing Trustee, Mr. B. Keerthivasan, Partner Director, Mrs. Logammbal, and Dr. Fahim Health Department.

Advisory & Well Wishers Meeting

The Advisory & Well Wishers Meeting held at Kerala Club on 17.03.18. Advisory Members, Around 70 participants representing from NGOs, Networks, Heads of Department of Social Work, Corporate Sectors and beneficiaries participated in the meeting. Higher Education support was distributed for the 7 needy children by Ms. Hirotec India Private Ltd. Many of the participants felicitated the service activities of NMCT and made valuable suggestions for its future development.

Rojakootam - 27 - 05 -2018

NMCT Conducts Rojakootam Day every year during the month of May in order to facilitate distribution of education support. Education materials such as Uniforms, School Bags, Notebooks and Stationary Items are distributed free of cost every year. Education support for Higher Education is also provided for the very needy children. This years Rojakootam Day celebrations take place on May 27th at Shri Nehru Arts & Science College, Thirumalayampalayam, Coimbatore. NMCT has proposed to support 1000 underprivileged children with education materials.

Women’s Day Program

Women’s Day was celebrated in Panchayat Union Middle school, Thensangampalayam, on 15/03/2018 in the theme on "A strong call to #Press for Progress. A strong call to motivate and unite friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive."Where around 36 women from community joined. Shubhaarambh team also presented in the occasion.

World Water Day

World water day was observed on 22nd march 2018 in the aim of to observe the rally was conducted in 6 schools such as Valaikombu, Pongaliyur, Aliyar, Thensangampalayam, Saralapathy and Narikalpathy totally 390 children and 15 teachers has participated in this rally while doing the rally they shouted the slogans which will audible to the community members also at the end of the rally they students have given the speech about importance of water and its conservation the children actively participated in the rally and spread the awareness to the community.

Health Camp

The health camp was conducted in 5 schools from 26th mar to 28th mar 2018, eye screening was done in respective schools in total 658 children and 17 teachers were participated in the camp.

Get Together Program of HOPE Beneficiaries

The Get together program was organized in the HOPE Project on 31st March 2018 at Indian Medical Association, Coimbatore. 426 beneficiaries were participated in the program. The following chief Guests were participated in the program: PMJF K.Kalichamy, District Governor, Lions Clubs International 324B1, Coimbatore. Dr.R.T.Vinod Rajkumar, President, IMA, Coimbatore. PMJF K.G.Ramakrishnamurthy, Vice Constitutional Area Leader (GST), Coimbatore. Dr.N.Mahendran, Managing Director, Sree Abishek Hospitals, Coimbatore. Dr.Kamalaveni, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Women Studies, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. Mr.B.K.Yuvaraj, Regional HR, Mahindra Finance, Coimbatore. Ad.Mathivanan, Senior Advocate, Coimbatore. Mr.R.V.M.Kumanan, District Supervisor, DAPCU, Coimbatore. The invited guests gave motivational speeches and impressed upon in self confidence, self reliance and self care. During the Get together program the beneficiaries were shared their experiences based on their development because of the project support as well as linkages, 8 children were supported for their Higher Education support and 2 PLHIV were supported for their emergency medical support. The Mahindra Finance, Coimbatore provided Cheque of Rs.6 Lakhs for nutrition food for 150 beneficiaries for one year (2018-19).